Dan + Shay “Lying” Song Review

This past Thursday, July 29th, Grammy-Award winning superstars Dan + Shay released their new song, “Lying”, determined to keep their millions of fans excited for their highly anticipated unreleased album Good Things, coming out on August 13th.

Good Things was bound for success before anyone even knew it was coming. The album’s first single “10,000 Hours” which featured Justin Bieber set the bar super high for what would follow. The next two songs released, “I Should Probably Go To Bed” and “Glad You Exist” increased their fame significantly. After releasing the song that is the title track to the whole project, “Good Things” and hearing fans sing it live at their concert just a week after it came out, they knew they needed to drop another song.  

The duo’s excitement for not only this new song, but also the music video that comes with it is contagious. They posted on Instagram letting fans know that this is the most fun they’ve ever had making a music video. They even stepped out of their comfort zone and created a dance to go along with the song and video. They continue to spread their love and excitement in new ways, like posting a step-by-step tutorial of the dance on instagram so everyone can feel involved. 

“Lying” is a jazzy and good-feeling track, with a message that can’t help but make you smile. There is no better feeling than finally being able to move on from someone that you’ve been hurting over for a long time. No more faking smiles or pretending that seeing them out in public with someone else doesn’t sting. After a while it gets easy to put on a brave face, but nothing beats when you can go out and that smile on your face is no longer a lie. 

Dan and Shay Lying

“If I show up at a party / And see you with somebody / Believe me when I say i’ll be fine / I won’t drink until I’m dizzy / or ask you if you miss me / or hope that you might take back goodbye / I’m being honest / Baby I promise / I don’t miss you in my bed / I don’t hear you in my head / I don’t love you, I’m not crying / And I swear I’m not lying.”

This song was a perfect next release because it proved Dan + Shay were not LYING when they mentioned that their upcoming album is going to be their best one yet. With only 5 songs pre-released from the 12-song album, fans are already falling in love.

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