Danielle Bradbery “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” Song Review

Texas native Danielle Bradbery is nothing short of a fiery gem. Having released “Girls In My Hometown” and “Never Have I Ever” recently, she depicts a new side of herself as she lets down her hair in blossoming new sensual song “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” out now via Big Machine Records. 

Written by Josh Kear, Gordie Sampson, and Hillary Lindsey, the Nathan-Chapman-produced track is a robust embodiment of Bradbery’s offerings. The singer + songwriter’s sultry side is promulgated through all the makings of a country-pop composition harmonized by a fiddle and guitar doublet. Sonically, “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” is a conventional hit as the mood is driven by a two-step shuffle. The three-minute confession finds the feisty songsmith dissatisfied with women being tricked by casual guys. Bradbery sings with a punch, “Stop draggin’ your boots / Up onto my porch / Kickin’ mud off your heels / Knockin’ on my door / Thinkin’ I’ll let you leave ’em by the bed on the floor / You ain’t gonna crash your party here no more / You better get to walking if you don’t want what you got / Either love me or not / Just stop draggin’ your boots.”

The song continues sustaining its archetypal cadence as Bradbery states that there is more fish in the sea and, to put it bluntly, there is no time for playing games. 

Danielle Bradbery

The 25-year old songstress declares, “This song is a fiery anthem for every girl that’s ever felt strung along by a guy. The bold lyrics and sassy beat really pulled me in and reminded me of that fun, Shania Twain, 90’s country-pop vibe that I’m pumped to channel into my music. It made me feel for the times my friends and I have been in the middle of these situation-ships. There’s no longer room for wishy-washy feelings or time for you to be unsure – you’re either all in or you’re out!”

The Shania Twain-inspired singer’s message is obvious. Let your walls down or simply go home.

The release of the glowing song’s audio component coupled with the release of the song’s video streamed exclusively on Facebook. The song’s message is signed, sealed, and delivered with Bradbery’s shiny, bedazzled boot-stomping kicks as she gets the fiery message straight. 

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