David J 'Lost My Heartbreak' EP Review

David J, at the young age of 18, is already making a name for himself in the country music scene. With only a handful of songs released to date, he has built up over 16 million streams from his social media presence and dedication to his craft.

The title track preceded the EP and has over 11 million streams; he makes it memorable from the first note as David J pulls us in and hooks us immediately. "Lost My Heartbreak" is not only catchy from the first verse but creates an incredibly tasteful love song for all ages and lifetimes. It's the perfect way to begin his debut project.

“Next thing you know / I met a girl and got lost in her smile / And that kiss from her lips, damn, she was on fire / Like the sunset in her eyes / And when she looked back into mine / Yeah, you find me the reason why / I lost my heartbreak.”

“Stay (Remix)” slows it down in a way that makes perfect sense. David J references the perfect country music tropes that give us a taste of summer love as he notes strawberry wine, bench seats, and county lines that put us back in that mindset effortlessly. The beat picks up in the chorus to serenade his subject with lines, “This ain’t the same, girl / I’m not playin’ the game, girl / I think I’m gonna stay for the weekend / Wake up in the same bed / Never wanting this to end.”

“Always Never” breaks our hearts with the opening verse, “Gettin’ good at seein’ goodbye comin’ / At this point it’s a good assumption / Anyone I fall for ends up leavin’ / Me in pieces” and continues that theme throughout the entirety of the song. David J spills his heart with intimate lyrics and a vulnerable voice, the pain in his lyrics shining through as he begs the question “Why is it always never?” He tells the story of a one-sided relationship that most can relate to, and even if they can’t, are able to step into that viewpoint for three minutes and have their hearts ache with him.

The fourth track, “Naturally,” begs for and grasps that attention easily with fiery, sensual, and passionate lyrics and sound. David J uses metaphors to romance his audience against the easy-listening nature of the track.

“One touch is gold, girl / Goin’ down tonight / Hot as the fire in your eyes / Gonna be you and me / Backseat, bare feet, when no one’s around / Turn it up, put it all on me, til that moon goes down / Naturally.”

“First Kiss” is the ultimate love story told from David J’s point of view. He tells it from beginning to end, with intimate details and the most vulnerability the rising artist has offered this far in his career. His voice follows the path of the song, going from the first moments to heartbreak, romance, and more.

The final track of the EP is titled, “Because of You” where David J admits an individualized and personal love for another. He specifies the color of her eyes down to her habits while exclusively calling out all the things he loves about her. It’s the perfect way to conclude with a happy ending that leaves us satisfied from the entire process. The song feels like the cherry on top, after hearing David J’s experiences and struggles with love and heartbreak, have the chance to feel the same satisfaction he expresses with “Because of You."

Lost My Heartbreak takes us on a rollercoaster through the ups and downs, ins and out, and beginnings and ends of any kind of relationship. From the first kiss to the last, he keeps us hooked with personal offerings and deep meanings behind his lyrics. The sound of the album is consistent with what David J has proven himself to be all about. From nights wondering where you’ve gone wrong to fiery hot summer loves, and lyrics that are comparable to wedding bells, David J’s debut EP satisfies us in every way.

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