David J "U or Nothing" Song Review

David J is a young up-and-coming country singer/songwriter. He started his music career in high school and has worked towards his big music dreams ever since. Since then, he has produced several radio hits, including, “Lost My Heartbreak”, which scored 9 million streams just within 2021. If you think this star is familiar, you may have seen him on TikTok. On his channel, @davidjcountry, he often does fun dances to his music and shares updates on his life. With over 504,000 followers, he is a star on the rise. His newest release, “U or Nothing” is one you won’t want to miss.

At the beginning of the song, we hear an upbeat, guitar. Right off the bat, David’s vocals create a feeling a warmth and love. He has such a soft, tenor voice that shows his talent. Not only is his voice dreamy, but his lyrics are well written. They create a sense of everlasting romance stating, “I’m all in, I promise / No matter the storm, baby / I’m really yours / As long as you’re mine / For the rest of my life, girl/ It’s you or nothin’”. “U or Nothing” is an easy listening love song that will be memorable throughout the years to come.

This triple-threat is currently on the road touring nationwide with artists like Granger Smith, Chase Rice, Mitchell Tenpenny, Blake Shelton, and so many other big talents. He will continue to produce music alongside his deal with Grey Area Music. If you love this rising star, make sure to check out his website and other social media platforms, especially his TikTok.

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