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Dillon Carmichael ‘Hot Beer’ EP Review

Hot Beer is the latest EP from Kentucky-grown artist Dillon Carmichael. If you’re on Tik Tok, first of all, go check out our Tik Tok. Second of all, you might recognize his viral song, “Sawin’ Logs.” That song is the perfect blend of country and humor that we just don’t find too often. 

That same blend is also heard in two of the other songs on the project, “Hot Beer” and “Big Truck.” The title track, “Hot Beer,” chronicles how Carmichael would rather drink a hot beer, among other unpleasurable activities, than get back with his ex. “Big Truck,” however, details that he’s worried that his girl might want him for his big truck, rather than his “big heart”. Both songs showcase of realism, but mostly poke fun at situations that we’ve all been in, or at least worried about being in. 

However, Carmichael is not a one-tone artist. He gets a little more serious in “Somewhere She Ain’t,” which is about how sometimes, the only way to escape an ex is to escape the area, literally relocating. 

“Since You’ve Been In It” is a beautiful song that focuses on how much his life has improved since he met that spec