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Dolly Parton “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” Song Review

Beloved superstar Dolly Parton has earned unparalleled country music success holding the female artist record for 26 songs reaching number 1 on the Billboard country charts. She also holds the record for any artist with 44 career top 10 country albums and 110 career-charted singles over the span of more than 50 years. The list of accolades goes on and on just like Parton who recently won her eleventh Grammy for her duet with Zach Williams, “There Was Jesus.”

As if all of these musical successes and her famed charitable acts of benevolence weren’t enough, Parton has now written a novel with James Patterson called Run, Rose, Run. Through the process of writing this book with Patterson, Parton was inspired to write a companion album for the original story. The album, Run Rose Run, is set to release on March 4th on Butterfly Records in partnership with Ingrooves/UMG. In the meantime, the first track, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans,” dropped on January 14th.

If “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” is any indication of what’s to come with Parton’s novel and accompanying album, then we are in for quite the treat in March.

This track is a deliciously simple love song to Nashville and an ode to the talented people who leave everything behind to chase their country music dreams in Music City. The bluegrass quality of the song stays true to Parton’s sound and showcases her extraordinary and distinctive twang.

“Big dreams and faded jeans, fit together like a team / Always busting at the seam, big dreams and faded jeans / Just my ole guitar and me out to find my destiny / Nashville is the place to be for big dreams and faded jeans.”

The lyrics capture the drive, passion, and faith needed to pursue such big dreams and tell the familiar tale of being one of many chasing after the same seemingly impossible goal.

“Like the song Bobby McGee, I’m just longin’ to be free. Take me where I want to be, big dreams and faded jeans. And there are many just like me, with big dreams and faded jeans.”

Parton’s deep love for Nashville and unwavering support for aspiring artists is palpable through the emotionally tinged delivery that still maintains her always hopeful and upbeat nature. This song is as flawless and enjoyable as Parton herself.

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