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Dolly Parton 'Run, Rose, Run' Album Review

Dolly Parton’s latest project is a captivating double feature, consisting of a novel and an album to accompany it. Both pieces of work are titled Run, Rose, Run and dive into the story of a young singer-songwriter surviving in the world. Working alongside Parton for this project is #1 bestselling author James Patterson, assisting her with the book. In the album, Dolly takes on the main character’s persona by singing the tunes directly from the story. Two singles from the album, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” and “Blue Bonnet Breeze,” have preceded the release giving listeners a taste of the story to come. The LP also features other country artists, such as Ben Haggard and Joe Nichols.

"Driven" is a fast-paced and upbeat tune that features the traditional fiddle and banjo combo. Parton contributes her incredible youthful voice to the melody, making a listener want to get up and dance. The song is about contemplating what drives us through life and our direction as she sings, “Take the wheel and just believe / That you can change your life.”

"Woman Up (And Take It Like A Man)" is an empowering song that encourages a listener to take on the world with lines like,“And I’m gonna’ buckle up, be tough enough/ To take control and make demands.” Parton brings an uplifting and fun touch to the tune as she works her magic that we all know so well. Towards the song’s ending, a choir comes in to join Parton with the chorus, heightening the experience.