Drake Milligan Self-Titled EP Review

Before releasing any solo music, Drake Milligan starred on CMT’s show Sun Records as a young Elvis Presley back in 2017. Shortly after, Milligan auditioned for the well-known reality competition show American Idol in 2018 where he stunned the judges as he sang the George Strait song “You Look So Good In Love.” He ended up not pursuing the show, despite getting the green light to go to Hollywood and made the move to Nashville to work on music there instead. Fast forward a few years and his self-titled debut EP with five songs each co-written by Milligan, has finally arrived.

The project opens with “Over Drinkin’ Under Thinkin:’” a carefree, drinking song about letting alcohol wash away all of life’s worries. The lyrics entail the merrymaking that occurs at a bar as Milligan describes “floating down the whiskey river” and “drownin’ the troubles in our minds.” The instrumental has an old-school feeling with blaring fiddle sounds and Milligans deep, soulful voice only adds to the effect.

The fourth track “She” is another high point on the EP. A slow, brooding love song with sweet lyrics as Milligan gushes over the wonderful things he sees in a love interest. His low voice is given the spotlight in this song as he swoons over the gorgeous instrumentation singing, “She’s so beautifully beautiful as can be. And I can’t believe she’s all mine. Oh, I wish that she could see what I see. I can’t believe she’s mine.”

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