Drew Green “Good Ol’ Man” Song Review

Sony Nashville recording artist Drew Green released his viral new single “Good Ol’ Man” on February 25, 2022. This song is his first release of the year and follows the release of his Dirt Boy EPs from 2020 and 2021. The Tennessee native has been quite busy teasing the release on TikTok and his strategy has paid off in a major way. Teasers for the track have gotten over 8 million views in the past week and have increased his TikTok following by over 130,000 followers in two weeks.

“Good Ol’ Man”, produced by Mark Trussell, begins with a country-pop chord progression and a soft drum pattern in the background. The instrumental gets larger throughout the song and reaches a climax with an anthemic chorus that demonstrates his vocal power. The track’s melody and Green’s vocal delivery take inspiration from more Pop and R&B leaning songs but are perfectly balanced with his soulful and twangy voice.

The track, penned by Green, Josh Miller, Lee Starr, and Mark Trussell, speaks on the journey of being a new parent, the blessings of parenthood, and the challenges along the way. The Tennessee native reimagines the common phrase “good ol’ boy” as he sings “I’m just a good ol’ boy/Trying to be a good ol’ man.” Ultimately, parenthood forces the singer to take an introspective look at his own life and sees his son as his motivation to change. “I got a gift from God sitting in the back seat/ And I’ma need to be a little better/ If he’s gonna wanna be like me.”

Drew Green

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