Drew Green “The Rest of Our Lives” Song Review

Outstanding songwriter Drew Green grew up close to Nashville in McMinnville, Tennessee. With years of increasing success writing for Music Row, Green showed off his own singing chops in 2020 with his debut track, “Little More Be Alright” from his first EP Dirt Boy Vol.1. He proves once again that he is as talented a singer as he is a songwriter with his latest track, “The Rest of Our Lives” that dropped on May 7th.

“The Rest of Our Lives” is a romantic serenade to Green’s wife and to the life they share. The thoughtful lyrics reveal just how much Green practices gratitude for everything good in his life. If you’re planning on getting married anytime soon, look no further for the perfect wedding song.

“Look at you right now you’re perfect. Can’t believe that you’re my person.”

This track feels like a wedding toast from the lyrics to the heartfelt delivery. Green is raising his glass in appreciation for being a rich man in love. 

Drew Green The Rest Of Our Lives

“I’m a lucky guy…here’s to forever, the rest of our lives, of me being yours and you being mine, counting the pennies and wishing for dimes, here’s to a love that money can’t buy.”

This epic love song feels traditional with a hint of rhythm and blues that make it fun and unique. When Green isn’t toasting his life with his wife and his children, he’s reciting vows to honor and cherish them. 

“And watching the time fly by, one New Year’s kiss at a time, ‘til the day I die.”

With expertly crafted lyrics like these delivered in a deep husky tone with an authentic, down-to-earth vibe, it’s no wonder this hard-working family man is gaining significant acclaim as a singer-songwriter. 

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