Dustin Lunch feat. Riley Green “Huntin’ Land” Song Review

Dustin Lynch and Riley Green prove to be a dynamic duo with their new single “Huntin’ Land” released on Friday, October 1st. The adjoining music video released the same day depicts Lynch and Green as true outdoorsmen. After performing the song in front of crowds recently, Lynch is finally letting the rest of the world hear what is sure to be a hit collaboration.


Lynch has been able to establish himself as a consistent force in country music. He has earned seven No. 1 hits, four high-charting albums, and eight gold and platinum-certified singles. “Thinking ‘Bout You” feat. Mackenzie Porter is currently trending in the Top 15 at country radio. Green has increased in popularity among fans and is on his way to creating a similar career. The Alabama native’s “There Was This Girl” reached No. 1 and his single “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” is platinum-certified.

From the very beginning, the song hooks you in with its gritty, down-home sound. The track is banjo-heavy and produced by Zach Crowell who has worked with other artists like Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Sam Hunt. The two artists sing about sticking around for a girl only because her dad has hunting land; it’s a humorous way of looking at a relationship that isn’t any good. “She don’t like none of my friends, and she’s scared of my dogs, she never wants to party with me on the weekend, she’s always picking fights for no good reason, man.”

"Huntin' Land"

While there are reasons to leave, Lynch and Green look to the real reason to stick around. “Break her heart, lose the farm, ain’t part of my twelve-point plan.” Both singers are avid hunters and Lynch was inspired to write about something close to home. “‘Huntin’ Land’ is one of those fun songs that we can listen to and have a laugh at while hanging with our buddies,” said Lynch.

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