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Dustin Lynch ‘Blue In The Sky’ Album Review

Platinum-selling recording artist Dustin Lynch released his fifth studio album “Blue In The Sky” on Friday, February 11th. Included in this LP is the chart-topper “Thinkin’ Bout You” feat. Mackenzie Porter spent six weeks at the number one spot on the country charts. Lynch hopes this album allows fans to peak through the clouds to see only brighter days ahead.

Lynch has arguably one of the most consistent careers in the modern era of country music; with eight No. 1 songs, gold and platinum-certified singles, and over three billion streams, he has earned a place at the top. The Tennessee native is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Fans have come to love his on-stage energy and rich vocals. Lynch’s voice and style have undoubtedly made him a radio favorite. Blue In The Sky also features already released collaborations like “Huntin’ Land” feat. Riley Green and “Tequila On A Boat” feat. Chris Lane.

“Party Mode” kicks off the album with its catchy melody, something Lynch has perfectly crafted by this point in his career. The message conveyed about having a good time despite going through tough events is a major theme for this project. “I sure do miss her, and what we had, but there ain’t no future, and looking back, so I keep on rolling, and moving on, I hope she comes back, but if she don’t, I’ll be drinking every single drink, seven nights a week.” “Stars Like Confetti” has a similar up-tempo beat. Co-written by Thomas Rhett, the song is about living in and enjoying every moment spent with the person you love.

'Blue In The Sky' by Dustin Lynch