Dylan Scott featuring Jimmie Allen “In Our Blood” Song Review

Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen released their highly touted collaboration “In Our Blood” on

Friday, May 6th. This single will be on Scott’s forthcoming album Livin’ My Best Life which comes out on August 5th.

Both Scott and Allen have had tremendous radio success. Scott is known for his hits such as “Nobody,” “Hooked,” and “My Girl.” Allen shot to fame back in 2017 with “Best Shot” and has followed that up with “Make Me Want To” and recent No. 1 “Freedom Was a Highway” with Brad Paisley. Scott has built an increasing fan base with his electric live performances and dynamic vocals. He recently released the heartfelt track “Can’t Have Mine” which showed his more vulnerable side. This collaboration means just as much to the singers as both of them have been teasing this song for the last few weeks.

“In Our Blood” has a haunting melody that feels steeped in emotion. Scott begins the track singing, “We all get born and we all get a name, and we all get raised, might not be the same, but we all got hearts and we all feel pain, don’t we?” It makes listeners think that the track is about how we are all more alike than different.

It is a deeper message coming from Scott and contrasts greatly with his current single “New Truck.” The chorus ramps through you when you hear the words, “Stronger than the Mississippi, thicker than water, running through the veins of the sons and daughters, passed down from our mother and father’s blood.”

Allen’s verse is equally as captivating. He exclaims, “It’s in the way I talk and the way I think, the way I walk down the path I take, no there ain’t nobody taking that away, from me.” These lyrics suggest that who we are is determined by the generations that came before us. Our DNA that has been passed down is what makes us who we are. And at the end of the day, everyone has blood running through their veins.

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