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Dylan Scott "This Town's Been Too Good To Us" Song Review

Dylan Scott is ready to share the new music he's been working on. The singer released his new song titled "This Town's Been Too Good To Us," and it will undoubtedly become a fan favorite.

Scott is riding high from being nominated at the 2023 ACM Awards last month. Known for his fun-loving music and large social media presence, the singer has carved his own path in Nashville. Hit songs like "My Girl," "New Truck," and "Hooked," have taken him to new heights. Any new song Scott releases is bound to make an impact on the country music of today.

"This Town's Been Too Good To Us" is a love letter to a hometown. Scott sings about the admiration and appreciation for the town that made him who he is. There is sincerity as well as a radio-friendly sound that country listeners are always drawn to. He exclaims,"Yeah, looking back at it now / This town's been too good to us / Raised Hell on the weekends / Yeah, man, what were we thinking / When we said we'd leave it in a cloud of dust."

Everyone can relate to wanting to leave the place one was raised in, but eventually, they realize all of the good parts about it. This track's undeniable relatability will draw Scott's audience in and deserves to be on every new music playlist.

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