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Easton Corbin "I Can't Decide" Song Review

After releasing the flirtatious track "Marry That Girl," Easton Corbin has just dropped a brand new single titled "I Can't Decide." The new single marks a return to country radio for Corbin who hasn't sent an entry to the radio waves in years.

Since releasing original music in 2009, Corbin has two No. 1 singles to his name with songs "Roll With It" and "A Little More Country." In many ways, 2022 marks a new chapter for Corbin. It was announced at the beginning of the year that he was the first artist signed to Stone Country Records; the new label started by Benny Brown, Paul Brown, and Jason Sellers.

"I Can't Decide" is a part of the fresh beginning. The upbeat tune begins with a catchy guitar hook that reels listeners in. Corbin's twang is charming and smooth as he starts the first verse by singing, "Black dress, high heels, showing you off downtown / Footprints, windshield, watching the sun go down / Front porch, hair back, sippin' a sweet iced tea / Blacktop, dirt road, it all sounds good to me." The first few lines are hyper-vivid, setting the scene for the night Corbin describes throughout the rest of the song.