Easton Corbin "I Can't Decide" Song Review

After releasing the flirtatious track "Marry That Girl," Easton Corbin has just dropped a brand new single titled "I Can't Decide." The new single marks a return to country radio for Corbin who hasn't sent an entry to the radio waves in years.

Since releasing original music in 2009, Corbin has two No. 1 singles to his name with songs "Roll With It" and "A Little More Country." In many ways, 2022 marks a new chapter for Corbin. It was announced at the beginning of the year that he was the first artist signed to Stone Country Records; the new label started by Benny Brown, Paul Brown, and Jason Sellers.

"I Can't Decide" is a part of the fresh beginning. The upbeat tune begins with a catchy guitar hook that reels listeners in. Corbin's twang is charming and smooth as he starts the first verse by singing, "Black dress, high heels, showing you off downtown / Footprints, windshield, watching the sun go down / Front porch, hair back, sippin' a sweet iced tea / Blacktop, dirt road, it all sounds good to me." The first few lines are hyper-vivid, setting the scene for the night Corbin describes throughout the rest of the song.

What makes this song stand out on its own, is the picturesque lyricism. Through the vivid songwriting, done by Corbin alongside professionals like Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins, and Wade Kirby, Corbin takes his audience into the heat of the Friday night scene he's living in.

In the cheerful chorus, Corbin takes the track to the next level as he confidently sings about the duality of his love interest. He excitedly states, "'Cause you look good in any kinda light / Dashboard full moon, candlelit night / I can't decide which side of you / I want to see tonight." The instrumental layered behind his playful vocals makes for an immediate earworm on first listen.

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