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Easton Corbin 'Let's Do Country Right' Album Review

Easton Corbin is officially back with brand-new music. The singer-songwriter has released his album Let's Do Country Right, as it's his first album in eight years. After listening to every song, this record was truly worth the wait.

As any true country record would, this album begins with tribute "Hey Merle." Corbin's ode to the late singer evokes the kind of sound that feels nostalgic. The song also mentions Hank Williams as Corbin sings about how the past icons would see the world now. "The Cadillac's and cowboy hat / And the high that you were on / Still covers us with neon dust / Cause a legend's never gone."

"Honky Tonk Land" is a great choice when wanting things to turn into a party. He exclaims, "Where the neon's buzzing, pretty girls by the dozen / Got a cold, cold, beer in my hand / Somewhere in honky tonk land."The title track, "Let's Do Country Right," carries a similar energy. Corbin is speaking to all of his fellow countrymen when seeking to be as genuine as possible in a fast-paced world.