Elvie Shane ‘Country Roads’ EP Review

April is an exciting month for Elvie Shane and his fans. The multifaceted singer/songwriter of the top 30 hit single, “My Boy,” is set to release his first EP, County Roads on April 23. If that wasn’t enough, Shane will be celebrating this milestone by also making his Grand Ole Opry debut singing his viral single followed by a performance with the Opry band of “Keep on Strummin’,” which is the second track on his six-song EP.

Shane was born in Leitchfield, Kentucky to a blue-collar family and was inspired early on by Gospel and Southern Rock. Until now, he’s only released a ballad about his stepson showcasing his talent for painting a lyrical portrait while effortlessly blending soulful energy to Country Rock. County Roads gives fans a much anticipated in-depth view of the different sides of Evie Shane.

County Roads starts off on exciting footing with its title track that packs a lot of punch. The first strums of classic rock electric guitar set the stage for a fresh, highly energized sound. What’s unvaried is Shane’s exceptional flair for storytelling that invites the listener to ride alongside him on his bumpy journey growing up on “them county roads.” Shane admits that the trials of growing up with “that wrench in my hands put a wrench in my plans,” but quickly moves on to credit those tribulations for his determination to succeed. This is definitely a song of celebration and a perfect start to a body of work worth celebrating.

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Any artist who has ever kept toiling away at their dreams despite the lows will relate to the second track, “Keep on Strummin’.” With a fitting nod to Creedence Clearwater Revival, whose songs were a soundtrack to his youth, Shane sings of resilience that he “ain’t no fortunate son,” just a country boy “that was born to run.” This is the kind of country song you’ll want to work out to with its upbeat rhythms and its inspiring, can-do, never-give-up lyrics.

The final song on the EP, “My Mississippi,” is a fitting closer with a Gospel touch. It starts with a soulful organ sound that reintroduces us to the softer side of Shane we first fell in love with. The portrait he paints of love moving on like the river heading south is as seamless and heartfelt as the sounds of country rock meeting soul. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the earnestness of this song as he admits, “I know all about the ones that get away,” but is still willing to “look crazy on this muddy bank.”

Shane’s sweet spot is portraying an honest view of a blue-collar youth colliding with the hopes and dreams of a fighter. His natural grit and electric guitar blend with soulful sounds and nostalgic lyrics to expertly express the versatility of his talent throughout this EP’s six songs.

BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records artist, Elvie Shane, will follow up his two major debuts by joining WSM Radio’s Coffee, Country & Cody, on Tuesday, April 27th to chat about County Roads and his experience on the iconic stage.

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