Emma White “Cowboy” Song Review

Over the past few years, Nashville singer-songwriter Emma White has been receiving high praise for her music. Her coming-of-age track, “Thirties” (2021), was found to be empowering and loved by women of all ages. This tune and White’s other hit songs, such as “If You’re In It” (2019) and “That’s Why I Drink” (2019), gained similar praises by being covered from Rolling Stone, Billboard, and People Magazine. In addition to her music production, she took a big step by launching Whitehouse Records in January 2019.

Now, the hard-at-work artist is readying an upcoming album set to be released later this year. Today, Emma White releases her latest hit, “Cowboy,” which serves as an entryway to her new fun musical style. She noted on Twitter that this track is different from anything she’s ever done before.

White takes no hesitation and dives right into it, singing away as a guitar comes into play, forming a rhythm. Her lyrical and instrumental style in “Cowboy” read as a music genre fusion of country with R&B and pop. When mixed, the talented singer-songwriter created a catchy tune that invites listeners to dance along to it.

“Drop down to country roads, outside of town boy / Take it nice and slow / If you’re down boy, I’m down boy.”

In the track, she sings about finding a cowboy that she wants to take home to meet family and friends and run off into the sunset with as she exclaims, “Be my cowboy / Take me away.” Feeling as if she is in a déjà vu moment, she wonders about the legitimacy of such a cowboy being like the one in movies.

Her latest production indeed shows off the talents that she has. The composition in “Cowboy” involves a style that wraps around the listener and invites them to get up and sway to the song’s beat and lyrics. It is a fun and joyful tune that is sure to catch people’s attention and leave some of us wondering when our cowboy will come along to take us away.

Stay tuned to Emma White’s website for her upcoming album due for release later in 2022.

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