Emma White "I Could Use A Drink" Song Review

Following her January release of “Cowboy,” Emma White is now presenting her latest single, “I Could Use A Drink.” As seen in her previous work, White’s country music straddles the genre lanes of R&B and pop. In 2018, the infused musical style from White led her to be named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.” Those familiar with the artist might also know that she co-created her record label, Whitehouse Records, under which she produces her music.

The electric tune of her new single bops its way into play as White shares daydreams about the possible ways to get away from the stress and worries of life. From a vacation house in California to a private trip in Paris, White highlights these as workable options with intense detail in her songwriting. She notes in a playful fashion, however, that a simpler alternative would be to pour up a drink. In a Twitter post, she jokingly said that any drinks are welcome to her song’s debut, but as for her, a “tequila chillin’ with a lime” is all she wants.

White’s latest single, “I Could Use A Drink,” offers the perfect beachy energy as we near the summer months. Her talented vocals and clever songwriting are crystal-clear in this fresh and bubbly country-pop tune. Continuing off the genre twists from her latest works, listeners of Emma White can anticipate the release of her second album in the upcoming months of 2022. In the meantime, you can pour yourself up a dirty martini on ice – or “a vacation in a bottle,” as White calls it.

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