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Eric Erdman 'Enough' Album Review

Singer-songwriter Eric Erdman displays a wide range of emotions with his new album Enough. Erdman is credited as a writer and producer on the seven-song record.

The Alabama native started writing music at the age of eight. After graduating from the University of South Alabama, he formed the band The Ugli Stick. The group went on to record four albums and toured worldwide. Following the end of his time with the band, Erdman began working exclusively as a writer at the legendary Fame Studios, which was once home to Aretha Franklin. Now with this new solo album, reedman is ready to show his artistry. "This new album is the one time ever in my whole career that feels like it's more representative of what I do and what I want to be seen as," said Erdman in a press release.

The title track "Enough" opens with a piano instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the song. It's about finding the beauty in life that goes beyond the status quo, and how there is more to understand. Going deeper means that everything isn't so black and white. "When my only destination, was the finish line, I really wasn't going anyplace."