Eric Erdman "Enough" Song Review

On Friday, March 25th, Eric Erdman released his latest single “Enough.” An Alabama native, Erdman’s passion for songwriting began early in life. After performing for more than a decade with the funk rock group The Ugli Stick, Erdman joined the team of songwriters at Fame Studios, where his works encompass influences from many genres. Since 2012, Erdman has released four albums, and “Enough” will be the title track to the full album that is set to come out later this year.

Erdman expressed in a press release that "Enough is saying you don’t always have to have the black or white answer. Sometimes the gray in the middle is the right way," and he conveys this extremely relatable statement about the journey of life very effectively through the new release.

For example, the lines in the first chorus, "When my only destination became the finish line, I really wasn’t going any place" explains a sentiment that many listeners can identify with. The piano works in tandem with the acoustic guitar throughout this song to create a somber ambiance.

Erdman’s slow in tempo and soulful voice makes the piece even more genuine and heartfelt. The last line of the chorus, “It doesn’t have to be yes or no to be enough,” highlights the growth Erdman takes to reach his honest conclusion.

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