Erin Grand ‘Anything But Casual’ EP Review

Country singer-songwriter Erin Grand Grand, who teased her next chapter by releasing singles throughout 2021, has kickstarted 2022 by releasing her first-ever collection of tracks in an EP titled Anything But Casual. Grand, who is constantly posting and teasing music on her social media, introduced her EP stating, “My first set of stories in the form of songs.”

“Mood” begins the five-song project; it’s a song that was previously released in 2020 and initiated Grand’s career. Despite its flirtatious nature and sensual flare, the notes of an electric guitar are striking and vivid. Grand’s vocals are gritty and self-aware as she declares her attraction to a love interest exclaiming, “Baby, baby you’re my mood / The way you look at me, the way I move / Nothing’s gonna stop my heart from racing / You got me chasing every little thing you do / ‘Cause baby you’re my mood / You flip my switch and you do it so smooth.” With the build-up to each bursting chorus, Grand shows off her wide range which deserves utmost attention.

The second track presents a different side of Grand. The production is less “in-your-face” with aimless whistles and layered backing vocals that play off of Grand’s performance. The track is catchy and relatable as Grand depicts internal conflict.

'Anything But Casual' by Erin Grand

One of the most striking moments comes when the subtle, twangy ballad, “Lonely Does” plays. This track is the true depiction of “rainy day, staring out the window with the drop-stained glass looking back at you, pretending you’re in a sad music video” anthem. She sings the bridge with true conviction and emotion expressing, “If I had love to wrap my arms around / I wouldn’t feel so lost now in this horse / Tangled up in these sheets all alone crying / If I could say I’m good, I would be lying / Lying to myself by blaming someone else.” The contrast of the first two tracks with this one showcases Grand’s songwriting abilities to detail different emotions that come with love; in fact, the whole EP accomplishes that.

The closer, “Casual,” kicks off with choir-like background vocals; these sounds also appear in between each chorus and verse, adding an overall cinematic feeling. The instrumental is quite waltzy as Grand reaffirms where she wants her current relationship to go. She sings the confident lines, “Baby, not tryin’ to make you crazy / We could take our time, cross a couple lines once or twice / Maybe I’ll let you come in closer / But let me think it over / We could take it slow, whatever’s natural / Baby, keep it casual.”

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