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Erin Grand feat. Zack Dyer "Eye To Eye" Song Review

Singer Erin Grand released a new track featuring Zack Dyer titled "Eye To Eye" on Friday, July 8th. Grand's soulful voice aims to take her career to the next level.

As a young girl, Grand knew music was in her blood. "I never really excelled in school - it just wasn't my thing. I never had a full-time job that didn't involve music. It's what I was put here to do," says Grand per her website. She moved to Nashville in February of 2020, just before the world shut down. That additional time gave her a new perspective and she was able to craft her pop-country sound. Her debut EP Anything But Casual was released in January of this year.

"Eye To Eye" is a more moody track that obviously speaks to the passion two people feel for each other. She sings, "Lost in the feeling, how you look at me / and I see what you're thinking / And I'm thinking it too / Baby you and I, it happens all the time / It ain't no surprise we're seeing eye to eye." The beat takes the listener along for the ride as the bass hits right to the heart.

Dyer adds his tender, breathless vocals that sync up perfectly to Grand's deeper, sultry voice. Their harmony feels like what a duet should sound like. There's a clear singer-songwriter style to both artists that is evident in how they croon. Grand certainly makes a case with this song as well as her body of work, that she should be one to look out for.

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