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Erin Kinsey “Better On Me” Song Review

Rising singer/songwriter and newly signed RECORDS Nashville artist Erin Kinsey has released her new track “Better On Me” on December 3. Fans of Kinsey have been anxiously awaiting this track, which she has been teasing on social media since October. “Better On Me” continues to build on the momentum of her viral hit “Just Drive”, which has over 13 million streams/views thus far. “Just Drive” took off on TikTok and continues to connect with listeners online and on Sirius XM’s The Highway.

The song begins with a unique twangy, groovy riff that immediately hooks the listener! “Better On Me” is a different take on a breakup song. Instead of reminiscing on the good times or the immediate aftermath, this track focuses on the feelings of running into your ex two years after the relationship ended. “I left the box on my front porch/ two years of stuff and your favorite t-shirt/ Can’t say that I wasn’t surprised when I saw you out tonight/ Downtown Broadway lights.”

Erin Kinsey

She notices something familiar about her ex as the night goes on. He was wearing the t-shirt that she gave back to him two years ago, a shirt that he even said looked better on her. “It looked better on me/ You said that that faded green/ shouldn’t bring out my eyes and boy I hate to agree/ that it looked better on me.” Other standout features on Kinsey’s track include her vocal delivery and the production. The song’s production was a unique blend of country, rock, and even some pop-punk instrumentation, which blended seamlessly to create a unique and fun sound of her own.