ERNEST “American Rust” Song Review

The multi-platinum hitmaker, ERNEST’s new song, titled “American Rust” was released today (6/4).  He’s known for working with other popular artists such as Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen, and Diplo, to name a few. “American Rust”, written by ERNEST, Rodney Clawson, and Jordan Reynolds, was produced by Joey Moi. The opening measures are a breath of fresh air drawing every part of your body into this track.

When his crisp voice chimes in you can’t help but hang onto every word. The rolling snare keeps the song moving along while the fiddle, steel guitar and electrics twist and twirl around each other like leaves in the wind. This song and the lyrical references are nostalgic in all the right ways. Taking you right back to the countryside as if you aren’t there already. ERNEST opens the song setting the scene as he sings, “That backstop on the ole ball field is made from Grade A Pennsylvania steel. It’s been sitting there since 1951. That Shell’s been on the corner since coke was glass and gas was a quarter. And that water tower’s seen 10,000 suns.” Even if you’ve never lived in a town like this, you’ve driven through one just like it.

ERNEST American Rust

It may have been 12 years since you’ve been there but in the blink of an eye, ERNEST throws you right back into being 17 years old and sitting close on the tail of a truck just enjoying the breeze and the sunset. Roll your windows down, take a scenic drive and let the sound of “American Rust” help you appreciate the things that “just get better with time.”

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