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ERNEST 'Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses' Album Review

ERNEST is continuing to ride the momentum he had with Flower Shops by releasing a deluxe version. Two Dozen Roses looks to cement his place as a shining talent in country music.

The singer-songwriter is a part of the crop of artists in Nashville who started out as soely songwriters, but now are making a name for themselves. ERNEST is probably best known for the title track "Flower Shops" featuring Morgan Wallen, as well as for his many collaborations with Wallen and HARDY. With a deluxe version of an already intriguing project, there is no telling where these new heights will take him.

Previously released tracks include, "Miss That Girl," "Unhang The Moon," and "Songs We Used To Sing." Those were clear indicators that these new releases were going to be just as heartfelt and sonically cohesive as the original album had been. "This Fire" leads the crop of new songs, and it takes the listeners back to the sounds of classic country. Thematically speaking, Flower Shops: Two Dozen Roses was inspired by that old-school style. It only seems right to lead with this kind of song.

Part of ERNEST's charm comes from his ability to tell vivid stories through his writing. "Hill" is one of those songs that can make anyone feel as though they're in the place he is singing about. "Forever on that porch, built in 1963 / Ranch house on a hill top next to nowhere Tennessee / It's a little slice of heaven, it could use some fixin' up / But I ain't in no rush."It has all the makings of a classic love song.