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ERNEST Releases ‘Flower Shops (The Album)’

ERNEST has been crushing the game with his last two singles “American Rust” and “Flower Shops” (feat. Morgan Wallen). He has done it again with not one, not two, but three singles which were released Friday, February 25th, 2022 as a part of a collection deemed Flower Shops (The Album). These tracks are melancholy cries from the heart in which ERNEST gives his audience a glimpse at his turmoil and heartbreak.

The first track is titled, “What It’s Come To.” This relatable break-up song features ERNEST’s honest vocals paired with acoustic and steel guitar. Leaving fans with no choice but to ponder how most relationships just don’t go as planned, this slow jam triggers that familiar feeling of bittersweet reminisces after a devastating break-up.

“Some Other Bar,” the second track released, transports listeners to a visual fantasy land. The audience will be left daydreaming about love that only ever existed in the imagination. With his commanding yet emotional voice, ERNEST expresses “waiting to finish something we didn’t even get to start.” Vocal conviction dancing with a catchy guitar hook will have fans singing along while thinking about what could have been.

The final new release of the three is titled, “Feet Wanna Run.” The mix of a twangy guitar and bass carved into the perfect space makes the production compliment the melody flawlessly. His lyricism is stronger than ever wh