Exclusive Premiere: Chris Moreno “What I Was Missing”

Premiering exclusively today with The Nash New is Chris Moreno’s “What I Was Missing”. The track, written by Moreno along with Kate Cameron and Alex MacGillivray highlights the discovery of how wonderful can be when you meet that special person.

“This song is about those moments in life when you meet someone unexpectedly and suddenly your ordinary day-to-day experiences become exciting again because you have someone to share them with,” Moreno says. “You stop seeking out external highs and just enjoy the present moment with that person. I’m a very type-A person and have been guilty of always being on the go, whether that means living on the road performing, traveling and taking vacations, or just always being busy working. I love the excitement and novelty of experiencing new things, but at a certain point, you realize that in the long run, experiences alone may not be enough to truly fulfill you, and that having someone to do those things with can be even more rewarding.”

Sonically, “What I Was Missing” offers an upbeat poppy sound to accompany the storyline, making it the perfect song as a background for a montage of moments together.

Moreno has performed 500+ shows in over 20 states, opening for national acts like Parmalee and Matt Stell. Follow Chris Moreno on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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