Exclusive Premiere: Dustin Chapman & Ryleigh Madison "Family Thing"

Current American Idol contestant Ryleigh Madison and her uncle, Dustin Chapman who was a contestant last year are exclusively premiering this new song "Family Thing" today (3/17) with The Nash News.

The video and the song feature heartwarming scenes of how important family is to both artists and highlights their unbreakable bond. Chapman takes the first verse and then their distinct harmonies blend together beautifully on the chorus, while Madison tells her story in the second verse.

"Who knew that day, that grandpa bought that ring, it'd start a family thing"

"This song is autobiographical for us in a sense. I wrote this song as a way to show gratitude to the people who truly made us who we are - our family. It speaks of knowing that no matter how far away you may have to go, you know the values instilled in you have prepared you for the road ahead," Chapman tells us. "Along with that, it highlights knowing that your family will always be there to pick you up when things don't go as planned."

"I believe this is something that is extremely relatable for everyone as you can correlate the song to the people in your life, blood or not, that have fostered your dreams and supported you through every high and low," he continues. "As an Uncle/Niece duo, we were so excited for our first released to truly be authentic to us, our lives, and our backstory."

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