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Exclusive Premiere: Justine Blanchet Shares the Music Video for "Heart Less"

Premiering exclusively on The Nash News, country artist Justine Blanchet shares the music video for her song, "Heart Less."

Blanchet is a 21-year-old singer from Montreal, Canada; "Heart Less" is her tenth single to be released and will be featured on her upcoming EP. The track was written by fellow Canadian country artist MacKenzie Porter along with Emily Weisband and Jordan Schmidt.

When discussing the music video for the tune, Blanchet shares, "I love the concept of this song because it has a strong message – when it comes to romance, use your head more and your heart less. For the video, I really wanted to tap into both elements of this. When I’m in a suit, that represents my head – the one makes rational decisions and doesn’t recklessly fall for anyone. When I’m in a dress, it’s my heart – the more emotional, expressive, and vulnerable side of me. At its core, ‘Heart Less’ is about how your head has to be the one to take control and pull you out of a bad relationship.”

Watch the full video below:

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