Exclusive Premiere: Southerland Live Performance “Came Out of Nowhere”

“Little farms and little dreams make this big ol’ world go round”

Matt Chase and Chris Rogers also known as duo Southerland have been performing together since 2016 and harmoniously blend traditional country storytelling with a modern twist. They are exclusively premiering their live performance video of “Came Out Of Nowhere (LIVE From the House)” with The Nash News today.

Southerland is honoring those hard-working people across the country that make our everyday luxuries possible. Little towns that many people would say are “in the middle of nowhere” are responsible for so many of the necessities we use every single day. Chase and Rogers teamed up with hit songwriter Jessi Alexander to create this passionate song that will resonate with so many. “This song just came down to when you know, you know. We knew when we wrote that song with Jessi that it would mean a lot to us. It’s our blue collar anthem. Our way of highlighting all the hardworking folks around the country that make this whole world go around. When we got the band back together after a year of being apart to film this video, that song just came to life right then and there.”


“Straight from a place that you’ve never heard of, hours on a clock that somebody burned up, you think it just fell out of thin air, but everything right here starts way out there, when it came out of nowhere”

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