Exclusive: Tucker Wetmore’s Single “She’s Trouble”

Premiering exclusively today, independent country artist Tucker Wetmore shares his newest single “She’s Trouble” with The Nash News. After a sports injury left Wetmore unable to chase his dreams of playing professional football, he headed back home to Kalama, Washington where he started to play guitar and craft original music. After two singles, “Kiss My A$$” and “Another Shot,” came out earlier this year, Wetmore is gearing up for the release of his third single that’s inspired by the infamous band the Eagles.

Tucker Wetmore

“This song was originally meant to be a fun song with no meaning really. A couple of us were at a buddy’s house in North Carolina getting ready to go out on the lake and waiting for this girl to show up because she was gonna come out with us. One of my buddies knew her, but I didn’t, and he was trying to be all slick and set us up. We waited like an hour and a half, so we were getting pretty impatient. She finally pulls up in a super clean Jeep and gets out, and as soon as I saw her I looked at my buddy and went, ‘she’s trouble.’ We both kinda smiled and said, ‘that’s a song right there.’ So, the whole song pretty much lays out the day I had with her. I ended up having a lot more to write about than I thought I would, I haven’t seen her since but definitely wouldn’t mind,” says Wetmore.

Listen to the full song below before the official release on Friday, November 12th.

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