Filmore “Johnny Got A Girl” Song Review

Rising artist Filmore has dropped his new single, “Johnny Got a Girl.” Snippets released on his social media highlight only part of Filmore’s comical dilemma with one of his pals.

After the release of his successful single “Slower” in 2018, Filmore has continued to impress fans with new music. A few of this Nashville-based musician’s latest singles include “We’ll Be,” “Who Cares,” and “Used to Be.”

“Johnny Got a Girl” is a fun, vivacious song filled with playful humor about losing a friend named Johnny, to a newly blossoming relationship with a woman. The rich instrumentation, particularly the guitar sounds, helps to fill the song with energy.

In the lyrics, Filmore lists all the activities he misses doing with his buddy: “I got no one to drink with, fish with, pull my truck out the ditch with.” He expresses that hanging out with other friends just doesn’t fill the void and the hard truth is that Johnny is long gone. Although the track is filled with a sense of comedy, there’s an underlying relatability that people can understand if they’ve also lost frequent communication with a good friend who is in a new relationship.

As the first release of 2022, this song sets high expectations for what is to come of Filmore’s music this year.

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