Filmore “We’ll Be” Song Review

Rising star Filmore released his new song “we’ll be” on Friday, June 11. Previously teased on his social media, the song is both heartfelt and melodious. After all, it is the very song Filmore used to propose to his wife with.

Filmore gained the attention of listeners in 2019 with his song “Slower.” Infusing county-pop with electronic elements, Filmore is part of the new wave of Nashville artists inspired by multiple genres. Other songs of his include “Nothing’s Better,” “Other Girl,” and “Good Thing.”

Written by Filmore, Michael Whitworth, and fellow rising star Mitchell Tenpenny, “We’ll Be” is a timeless love song. It’s full of the hopeful optimism one feels when they know they have found the right person. “If we’re this good right now, can’t wait to see what we’ll be,” sings Filmore. Writing a song to propose with could not get any more personal.

Filmore’s falsetto in the chorus takes the song to another level. Lyrics aspiring for the simplicities of “sitting on our porch swing,” and “bare feet backyard running” give a glimpse into the life he hopes to have with his wife Paige.

FIlmore We'll Be

This newest addition to Filmore’s discography is sure to become a fan favorite. “We’ll Be” might just be the song couples choose to play weddings this summer. When songs are this personal, it’s hard not to fall in love them.

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