FINMAR “If It Weren’t For You” Song Review

Alex Marshall is “country-pop” while Thomas Finchum is more “traditional country,” but together they form the sensational country music duo FINMAR. Marshall was born in Las Vegas, Nevada while Finchum grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Finchum pursued Olympic dreams as a diver all the way to the 2008 U.S. Olympics before becoming a country music artist. Marshall was a pop singer for a Las Vegas band called The Cab before joining forces with Finchum in 2020. Together, they create a distinctive country-pop sound that is all their own and have just released a new love song on August 13th called “If It Weren’t For You.”

FINMAR’s romantic ballad “If It Weren’t For You” celebrates the small yet magical ways that relationships change us and help us grow. Backed by piano, the heartfelt, story-telling lyrics are true to country while the rhythm and melody feel very pop with just a touch of r&b. This honest look at the value of a simple life—when it is with the right person—hits the right note of sincerity and never verges on sentimental or cheezy.

“I wouldn’t know how much I like staying in drinking red wine. Stealing little kisses while I spin you ‘round the kitchen and I wouldn’t be losing my mind when that dress falls off your shoulder. You say come pull me closer. I wouldn’t be thinking ‘bout forever every time that I do if it weren’t for you.”

FINMAR has mastered meshing romantic stylings reminiscent of Boyz II Men with country inflections and faster-paced melodies. It’s refreshing to hear a song about an attainable kind of love that isn’t showy or over-the-top. This simplicity is complemented by the unique amalgamation of Finchum’s and Marshall’s flawless, clean vocals.

“And honey you can rest assured that you’re the one to blame for me losing sleep but girl I ain’t gonna complain ya. You know you drive me crazy and you know I kinda love it. This kind of settle down ain’t what I ever woulda wanted if it weren’t for you ya.”

If this song is any indication of what is to come from FINMAR, this duo should be on everyone’s country watch list. 

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