Five Essential Brantley Gilbert Songs

Father, husband, country music singer-songwriter, and record producer Brantley Gilbert does it all. He’s honest, transparent, and everything all of those titles should be. His music not only inspires and relates but tells his own personal story. His songs serve as his own personal testament to passion, love, and life that shines through his lyrics.

With five number-one singles at 37 years old, today, we can confidently say that Gilbert’s vulnerable and passionate approach to his career has certainly been successful in every way. Here are five that share his truth, and are essential to know who he is as a person and an artist.

1. “How to Talk to Girls,” single (2021)

“‘Cause this angel hangs on every word I say / She’s gettin’ so much more from me than my last name / Everything and I can’t hide it / She’s got me at a loss for words / I guess I’m still learnin’ how to talk to girls.”

2. “Hard Days” from the album Fire & Brimstone (2019)

“If you never had a heartbreak / Never had more than you can take / Or carried the weight of life on your shoulders / Would you feel like you earned it? / Would you live with a purpose? / Or ever known your own strength? / If you never had hard days.”

3. “Bad Boy” from the album Fire & Brimstone (2019)

“So alright, bad boy / Long as them old habits don’t come back, boy / You know that’s how she lost her dad, boy / And that boy’s the one I loved / He was my bad boy / He was my bad boy / Guess you ain’t so bad / No, you ain’t so bad, boy.”

4. “Man That Hung the Moon” from the album Fire & Brimstone (2019)

“You’re gonna think I hung the moon / You’re gonna think I made the sky / That the sun rises and sets inside of my eyes / And it won’t be long till I hear ‘Daddy’s home!’ / Footsteps running to the man that hung the moon.”

5. “Bottoms Up” from the album Just as I Am (2013)

“Tonight it’s bottoms up / Throw it on down, rock this quiet little country town, get up / Drop the tailgate on your truck / Find the keg and fill your cup / Up, kick it on back / Pretty little mama lookin’ at you like that / Make you wanna slide on in like, girl whats up?”

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