Five Iconic Outfits from ’90s Videos

The combination of country music, MTV, and the ’90s brought us some of the most enthralling stories of all time that cannot be replicated by any artists today. The power of storytelling was strong, not only through the music and lyrics but through what we saw on screen. Country music artists and their teams in the 90s delivered to us full-feature films in under five minutes, and their costume designers worked harder than anybody on set, giving us iconic 90’s outfits that we took for granted. Today, we dive into five iconic outfits that prove we never really know how good we have it until it’s gone.

1. Alan Jackson, “Chattahoochee” (1992)

Alan Jackson

In the “Chattahoochee” music video, Alan Jackson gave us more than just his usual long blonde hair and stache: he delivered the cowboy hat and jersey combo that we can’t get out of our minds (no matter how hard we try) and that’s what makes it great and secures him the spot of the only male artist on this list.

2. Shania Twain, “Any Man of Mine” (1995)

Twain lives our Urban Cowboy Sissy dreams in her 1995 “Any Man of Mine” music video. Riding along with the bulls and the cowboys, Twain declares (in her own personal twist on the “Canadian tuxedo”) her expectations of her ideal man. Her denim vest, flared jeans, and cowboy boots are proven timeless by identical styles today.

3. Martina McBride, “Whatever You Say” (1997)

Martin McBride

In her emotionally-charged 1997 visual retelling of “Whatever You Say,” Martina McBride is a symbol of ’90s fashion. Her music video is a testament to the true style of country music storytelling, as she sings her lyrics over paralleled scenes that complete the message of her song. In a floor-length pink coat and blue velvet lace-lined jumpsuit with a jewel-embellished choker around her neck, her voice is not the only powerful component of this video.

4. The Chicks, “Goodbye Earl” (1999)

If the ’90s granted us anything, it was the four-minute and eighteen-second cinematic masterpiece of The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl.” Natalie, Martie, and Emily make the compelling story of love, heartbreak, and revenge look stylish. As they parade around these events, their shiny camouflage, red bandana tube top, and skull-covered white tee defined the punk-country element to this song and still influence our style to this day.

5. Faith Hill, “The Way You Love Me” (1999)

An actual fashion show in and of itself, Hill utilizes the usual style of her videos to showcase a multitude of outfits in a fun, lighthearted way. It’s hard to name just one outfit from this video, as she takes on many different roles with hints to different trends of the 90s such as a waitress, robber, heiress, etc. As it was released in 1999, I’d believe it’s the perfect compilation and homage to ’90s style in country music videos to round out the list.

Honorable mention: Wanda’s “Earl’s Girl” Sweatshirt in The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” (1999) steals the show. Where do I get my own?

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