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Five Shirts to Wear to a Country Music Festival

When in the middle of festival season, one of the biggest questions to arise is, "What should I wear?" For those that want an outfit to wear to a festival that isn’t just stylish, but affordable as well, The Nash News has released a new line of merchandise that is sure to please any country music fan.

1. "Not Another Love Song" Tee

Coming in four different colors, this t-shirt screams country with its earth tones, western-style skeletons, and simplicity. It’s soft, comfortable, and has a catch-all style that can be worn to a concert or on a casual day out with friends. This design brings a summery vibe that is perfect to wear to any country music festival. Buy it here or as a tank top here.

2. “Thunderbird” Cropped Hoodie

For those cool summer nights in your tent after a long day of partying at a festival, this cropped hoodie is perfect for keeping warm while still maintaining some comfortable style. Its simplistic design is reminiscent of the 90s, bringing the wearer back to a bi