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Five Tanya Tucker Songs We Know All The Words To

64 years ago, we were granted the gift that just keeps giving: Tanya Tucker. From earning her first Grammy nomination at just 13 years old, to solidifying her first Grammy win 47 years later, Tucker is an indispensable image of country music throughout multiple decades. Here are just five songs that are impossible to forget the lyrics and rhythm to, fortunately so because we’d never want to.

1. “Texas (When I Die)” from the album TNT (1978)

“New York couldn’t hold my attention / Detroit City couldn’t sing my song / If tomorrow finds me busted flat in Dallas / I won’t care, ‘cause at least I’ll know I’m home.”

2. “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” from the album Can’t Run From Yourself (1992) “They’ve heard it’s all uphill / But all they know is how they feel / The world says they’ll never make it / But love says they will.”

3. “Love Me Like You Used To” from the album Love Me Like You Used To (1987)

“So love me like you used to / When our love was brand new / And darlin’ when we’re through / You can love me again / And hold me like you want to / Instead of like you have to / Love me like you used to love me / When you used to love me.”