Five TikTok Artists To Follow

In the past couple of years, more than a dozen country music artists have risen to fame on this year’s hottest video sharing platform, TikTok. From sharing covers of songs by popular artists to promoting their own originals, here are five artists that we’ve watched grow their career and their fanbases all from the help of TikTok.

1. The 615 House

With just over one million followers, @the615house on TikTok was founded by singer- songwriter Ashley Cooke and fellow country artist Chris Reudiger. It has become the number one place for Nashville artists to create and grow alongside each other, proving TikTok to be a key environment for new artists success.


We’re not crying in the club 😭😭 #oneyear #the615house #country ♬ original sound – The 615 House

2. Will Dempsey (@WillDempseyMusic)

Dempsey launched his career with viral success that stemmed from a video featuring him and his son singing Luke Combs’ “Beautiful Crazy.” From this initial success, Dempsey created a TikTok account in which he shares songs inspired by his family that he claims are “changing his life.” He has shared more than once that TikTok has changed his and his family’s lives, owing it all to his nearly half a million followers.


The last part describes her perfectly! Song is called “Best Parts of Me” – Will Dempsey #foryoupage #originalsong #daddysgirl #fatherdaughter ♬ original sound – Will Dempsey

3. Alexandra Kay (@AlexandraKayMusic)

Hitting off her social media presence with a groundbreaking cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Kay has since then grown to over two million TikTok followers. On the platform, she has a folder labeled “Coffee Covers” that contains videos of Kay singing over the making of her morning coffee, as well as one titled “Original Music” where she promotes her personal projects. Alexandra Kay is a testament to the power of true talent and virality in the country music industry.


Out of everything. Forgot to sing a while part.. Mondays… am I right? 😬 ♬ original sound – Alexandra Kay

4. Tigirlily (@Tigirlily)

Part of the growing success of the previously mentioned 615 house, sister-duo Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh take part in their own personal TikTok account, @Tigirlily. One of the smaller accounts on our list, and not verified, they still scream success with over half a million followers and four million likes. On their account, they share relatable sister content and promote their debut self-titled EP.


This feeling is UNREAL. Thank you @mrbobbybones for playing #SomebodyDoes 🙌🏻💗🎉 #countrymusic #countryradio #nd #tn #bobbybonesshow ♬ original sound – Tigirlily

5. Alli Walker (@AlliWalkerMusic)

The newest artist of all mentioned, Alli Walker, debuted her country music career on TikTok in September of 2020. She not only promotes her new career, but documents the journey or writing, recording, releasing and even choosing cover art for her new song “Country Music” releasing October 20th. She shares previews of the song, in which she pays homage to many key elements of country music, singing, “I got drunk on strawberry wine, fell asleep to whiskey lullaby, found out real quick what hurts the most, waking up from drinking like George Jones”. How many references did you recognize in there?


This song is almost done! 🎧Comment, share, or like & help a country gal get back on the #FYP before release!🤠 #CountryMusic #Viral #Trending #Sing ♬ Country Music – Alli Walker

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