Five Underrated Eric Church Songs

Entertainer of the Year is only one way to describe Eric Church and his incredible accomplishments throughout his career. While the ‘Chief’ has plenty of great popular hits and a string of country radio number one songs, we are here to highlight some of his lesser known songs.

  1. “Mistress Named Music” – Written by Church and Casey Beathard. His contrasts throughout this song are spectacular as they describe the heartache and determination that go into a music life. “With a guitar full of freedom and a head full of lines That nightlife full of demons has been a hell of a ride I got a crazy heart, and I was born to lose it Married to a dream with a mistress named music”

2. “Lightning” – This solo write, Church tells the tale of sitting on death row. This incredibly deep, meaningful story song won’t be found at tailgates but as one of his most powerful deep cuts, “Lightning” is Church at his best. “When they strap me in this chair Lord, I hope she forgives me / For livin’ my life this way Tonight I ride the lightning / To my final judgment day”

3. “Chatanooga Lucy” – Written by Church with Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell is a stammering upbeat track about a one-of-a-kind lady and what loving her is like. “Oh my, my Chattanooga Lucy / Woman, what it is you do to me / Forbidden fruit, it sure is juicy / You got me comin’ around”

4. “Doing Life With Me” – Written by Church with Jeffrey Steele and Casey Beathard showing appreciation for those who stick by him through thick and thin. “Spend my living giving thanks / For the ships I never sank / Every big, every little in the every day things The notes and the words and the songs I sing / To the ones doing life with me”

  1. 5. “Livin Part of Life” – Written by Church with Liz Rose and Walt Wilkins is a twangy, soft banger encapsulation of what it truly feels like to play hooky from work and cast a line and just breathe deep country relaxation. “I could leave my troubles behind / I wanna be front porch rockin’ / With a big sun droppin’ in a blue sky / Kick back an’ get high / On the livin’ part of life”

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