Fredy P "My Country Style" Song Review

As we enter the spring season of country music releases, new artists begin to bring their own flare to the industry, including Fredy P, with his new song, “My Country Style." The Kentucky born-and-raised singer got his start as a studio vocalist and a college choir member, creating an impressive musical repertoire prior to his very first released song. Fredy P’s newest single is not only a testament to his honed skills as a singer but also a brilliant leap into the country world with a song that energizes like no other.

“My Country Style” certainly lives up to its name, as the immediate vibrancy of the instruments brings the listener directly into Fredy P’s world and allows them to connect with his passion in a way that many musicians just starting out struggle to capture. The combination of guitar with drums elevates both instruments and brings the strengths of each immediately into the forefront. The sound is unique in a way that immediately distinguishes Fredy P from other artists and reflects the rising star’s interpretation of the genre.

The compelling instrumentals are only supplemented by Fredy P’s rich and well-trained voice. The passion he brings to his lyrics and the energy that comes from a practiced vocalist is talent and skill acquired only along with a deep knowledge and understanding of his material. The lyrics themselves are distinctive of country and give the song a traditional feel, but the song doesn’t feel bogged down by any formula. The intersection between old school and new school country makes this song a compelling listen.

One of the best parts of the song are the themes found in the songwriting. Fredy P’s dedication to making country music his own and deviating from typical songs while staying true to himself makes him a breath of fresh air as a newer artist. His skill in bringing the audience along with him on his journey is vital in bringing his own voice — both vocally and thematically — into the forefront.

As an artist with over 245 thousand followers on TikTok, this definitely isn’t the last we’ll see from Fredy P; he debut single received over three thousand pre-saves alone. In the coming months, there are definitely great things coming from the Kentucky native and his audience can’t wait to see what he does next.

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