Gabby Barrett “Pick Me Up” Song Review

In anticipation of Goldmine (Deluxe), Gabby Barrett releases her second single for the album, “Pick Me Up” just days ahead of her 55th Annual CMA performance tomorrow night (11/10). After finishing third on the sixteenth season of American Idol, fresh into her twenties, Barrett has seen nothing but success. Her debut album, Goldmine (2020) guaranteed her track to stardom with her own personal country-pop sound. In “Pick Me Up,” Barrett slows her usual tune down for a classic laid-back country music sound that’s already topping charts.

“I wrote ‘Pick Me Up’ with Ross (Copperman) and Jon (Nite). I didn’t really have a song in my repertoire that was laid-back-Country– a riding down the backroads while listening to George Strait-type of song,” shares Barrett. “I had to pay homage to George Strait because I feel like I’m being adopted into the Texas family with my husband being from Texas.”

The backroads ballad, written by Barrett herself in collaboration with Nite and Copperman, is reminiscent of her not-so-long-gone teenage years growing up in pickup trucks and back roads. It’s a song any country music fan can relate to, taking us back to our first crush and first date, but also our lifetime love. Barrett’s vivid power of storytelling in songwriting puts us right in the passenger seat of the pickup truck.

“So pick me up, get me lost way out / Down a back two-lane, little George Strait way on up / Get me outta my head and outta this town / And tell me no matter what you’ll be by my side / Everything gonna be alright / Make the world go black how you do me like that / When I climb up in your truck / Just pick me up.”

Already earning the top streaming country song of 2020 with “I Hope,” the future for 21-year-old Gabby Barrett is dazzling with nothing less than success. The upcoming deluxe version of Goldmine, featuring “Pick Me Up” has fifteen songwriting credits to her name, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated Ross Copperman and Zach Kale.

Following the theme of her previous releases, “Pick Me Up” further cements her title of “captivating country star” as named by Billboard. The song is easily captivating with relatable scenarios and just the perfect hint of nostalgia and reminiscence.

“You can kiss me fast and drive real slow / That old Chevy might take as long as it takes / You and Jesus will fix my soul.”

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