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Grace Tyler Talks "Took The Fall" and the Importance of Connection

Grace Tyler embodies what one would hope to find in an artist: talent, self-awareness, and a passion for music. Tyler is able to take her own experiences and turn them into songs that anyone could relate to. The singer-songwriter took the time to discuss her new single "Took The Fall," and why creating a connection to her listeners is important to her.

Tyler hails from the great state of Texas, a place that has built its own subgenre in country music. "The Texas country music scene is great, but I always wanted to be in Nashville," shares Tyler. She grew up loving to sing and eventually she began performing at a local bar that offered kid's karaoke. After performing around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Tyler dreamed of heading to Music City. "My parents really wanted me to get an education, so going to Belmont University in Nashville offered the best of both worlds," she exclaims. Tyler recently graduated from the school in May 2022.

One of Tyler's releases titled "Dust" from earlier this year showcases her determination. “Dust" paid tribute to people who don't want to settle for anything, especially while in their 20s. "It's important to expand outside your bubble," Tyler notes. The rising artist went on to admit that being in your 20s is quite the transition period, and it's important to always stay true to oneself.

Her most recent single, "Took The Fall" came out last Friday. She spoke about the tune's journey stating, "'Took The Fall' was an idea I've thrown around in a bunch of writes and it never landed with anyone. I grew up in Texas where football is a way of life, and it wrote itself from there." She adds, "It’s a breakup song where you experience losing more than just that person. It's about losing the memories and experiences you shared." The lyricism captures the authentic emotions that one has to work through after a broken relationship and seeing the previous love interest with a new fling: "She got them gameday seats, section 223 / She got that first down touchdown kiss on her cheek Every Saturday tailgate friend that I can't call / Yeah she got 'em all."