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Gracee Shriver "Fugitive Love" Song Review

Newcomer Gracee Shriver has released her brand new single, "Fugitive Love" The song puts a whole new twist on a country-rock love song.

The Oklahoma native has been making music from a young age. She started her journey on Season 17 of NBC's The Voice where she placed in the top 16. Shriver was recently picked by Women of Song to represent women in Country Music. Her music video for her single, "Like A Broken Record," was picked up and promoted by CMT. The singer currently lives in Nashville and attends Belmont University.

"This song really encompasses who I am as an artist. It blends my country and rock influences. My favorite part of writing is telling a story, whether it is about one of my experiences or the things I witness those in my life go through," shares Shriver in a press release. The song represents what it feels like to be in a toxic relationship. She sings from the perspective of someone who is looking back, wishing she would've done things differently.

The track exudes the catchiness that the radio would love to play. There is youth in the way Shriver sings, making it instantly relatable to her audience. When she exclaims, "Wish I would've known I was out with an outlaw / Burning that midnight, blue light last call / Wish I would've ran before you ran away with my heart," <