Grant Gilbert “She Goes Home (Dirty Breakup Song)” Song Review

Originally from Santo, TX, Grant Gilbert is gaining traction in the country music scene. Gilbert released his debut EP Trouble Like Us in March of 2021. Along the way, he’s been making large steps by building his career with Josh Abbott and William Clarke Green.

Sparking interest on the app TikTok, Gilbert’s new single, “She Goes Home (Dirty Breakup Song),” has reached over 1.5 million impressions before its release today, Friday, March 4th, 2022. Not only that but there have been over two thousand pre-saves since news of the single being dropped in February.

“She Goes Home (Dirty Breakup Song),” was co-written by Gilbert, Joybeth Taylor, and Rivers Rutherford. It shines a light on how messy ending a relationship can be. The intro begins with a vibey electric guitar and Gilbert singing the lyrics “He says something she don’t like / she gets those daggers in her eyes and says something she knows will cut him deep.”  Gilbert instantly grabs the attention of the audience and insinuates it’s time to buckle up for the ride.

His voice describes the scene perfectly while carrying both smooth and rough textures. As the track progresses, a full band fills more of the space behind Gilbert’s vocals. The production uses a tactical balance of ebb and flow, keeping the attention of the audience.

This single is quite literally the definition of relatable. Everybody who has ever dabbled in the dating game has experienced this exact style of breakup. Whether the spouse, the friend, the one-night stand, or maybe all three, most of society has seen it from one perspective or another. It’s almost always how it ends when “He goes out and she goes home.”

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