Hailey Whitters “The Neon” Song Review

Hailey Whitters released her newest single “The Neon” on February 18th. Co-written by Whitters alongside Lori McKenna and Rodney Clawson, the track acts as the second release off of her second studio album Raised following lead single “Everything She Ain’t.”

“The Neon” epitomizes fixing a broken heart. The opening lines “There goes your promise, there goes your laugh / There goes your truck with our couch in the back” paints concrete and intangible aspects of a breakup.

At first, the upbeat, almost cinematic instrumentals seem to juxtapose Whitters’ words of heartbreak, but as she transitions into the chorus, the choice makes sense. Once she leaves to “meet up with a couple friends / Somewhere the heartbreak ends / Gonna get back on that barstool again” it is clear that Whitters is attempting to move on rather than ruminate on the end of the relationship; however, she finds moving on to be a challenge.

"The Neon" by Hailey Whitters

With her creative storytelling, Whitters provides listeners with a relatable narrative paired with an active catchy melody. Besides the incredibly vivid lyricism, the instrumental is wildly entertaining with dreamy string sounds at the end of each chorus that only adds to its effect as an immediate earworm.

While the memories continue to creep in, she focuses instead on finding “a new whiskey” and “a new favorite song.” She also states that she will “try not to care when the old one comes.” 

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