Hannah Dasher “Tall Boy” Song Review

After releasing a brand new, introductory EP in July earlier this year titled The Half Record, Sony Music recording artist and TikTok star Hannah Dasher is back with a brand new single titled “Tall Boy.” Dasher’s EP showcased her range with slower tracks like “Girls Call the Shots,” and vibrant, sassy anthems like “You’re Gonna Love Me” and “Left Right.” Dasher’s voice is filled with a brassy, southern twang that captures the attention of anyone who listens and her brand new single is bound to do the same.

“Tall Boy” is filled to the brim with personality, independence, and Dasher’s signature, clever songwriting paired with her saucy sound. It starts strong with the sound of a can opening, a sound effect that pops up throughout the entire first verse, as well as a strong sip sound. Written with Ben Stennis and Brandon Hood, Dasher shines a sense of irony in “Tall Boy.” When the track begins she exclaims, “I’ve been thinking ‘bout you all day / Can almost taste that kiss / I can’t wait to hold you all night long / And have you at my fingertips.”

The lyricism sounds romantic and sensual while the instrumental is swinging with strong and dark electric guitar sounds. When it sounds like she’s singing about the man of her dreams, that’s when the chorus kicks in and . She states, “Tall boy / Champagne of the honky tonk high life / I like ‘em all, boy / From Bud Heavy all the way to Natty Light.” She goes on to confidently declare, “Can’t nothin’ do it like a cold beer can / This girl don’t need no man / I just need a tall boy.”

Dasher’s songwriting in “Tall Boy” is entertaining with witty wordplay that takes control of the centerpiece of the track while the swaying, upbeat instrumental is the perfect personification for a night out at the bar.

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