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Hannah Strumner Self-Titled Album Review

Singer-songwriter Hannah Strumner has released her self-titled debut album. Previously released songs include "Fool School" and "Are You Ready To Let Go" featuring Sam Henry.

Strumner hails from Boise, Idaho which is also where she also recorded this album. After suffering from a range of health issues from a young age, Strumner often felt excluded from her peers. "I decided instead of letting that determine who I was, I would start creating who I wanted to be," Strumner shared with The Nash News. This project was recorded in the Tonic Room in Boise which allowed for the music to come from the heart.

On tracks such as "The Train," Strumner sings from a place of longing and loss. Using a train as a metaphor for feelings traveling and being left behind. "Fool School" details the bullying the singer had faced, and this track is used to empower other kids who are just like her. "I would just walk down a hall / To feel like them / And I would talk the crazy bling / To try to act like them." Strumner is able to to turn her pain into purpose, which is what artists strive to do.

The songs on this record are sonical