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HARDY Announces New Album and Releases Three New Songs

HARDY made a surprise announcement on Sunday night that not only does he have an upcoming album, but he also released three new songs for fans to enjoy. His sophomore album the mockingbird & THE CROW will be arriving on January 20th.

The title track of "the mockingbird & THE CROW" has a runtime that goes past the five-minute mark. Here, HARDY sings about his upbringing that has shaped who is today. The beginning has a calmer tone as he details his love for fishing, dirt roads, and singing. Again, his gift of storytelling is on full display. The track then shifts halfway through for "the crow" segment. A rock-heavy sound takes over and is signature HARDY.

"TRUCK BED" incorporates HARDY's rock influences as well as early 2000s angst. His voice is gripping as sings about a love gone wrong: "I woke up on the wrong side of the truck bed this morning." As the track progresses, hip-hop influences takes over the sound. It has the kind of infectious beat that will last in anyone's head.